• SouthBridge Europe Mezzanine GP is an independent investment management firm focused on investing in Greek businesses or partner with them in their investments outside of Greece.
  • It is the management company of SouthBridge Europe Mezzanine Fund, founded in 2014 and backed by prime private and institutional investors such as the European Investment Fund (EIF) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
  • SouthBridge is a fully independent investment platform with €65m in committed capital to make long-term investments. It is managed by an experienced team backed by a strong board of advisers.
  • SouthBridge also works closely with other key business organisations and a wide range of professional network, through which it draws additional resources when required.
  • We provide flexible financing to growth stage Lower-Mid market companies to achieve sustainable growth and long-term value. We are keen to support proven management teams and invest in attractive investee companies with ability to generate cash flow and growth.
  • Our focus, structuring capabilities, financial strength and local experience uniquely qualify us to build value in Greek businesses with the ultimate goal of producing superior investment returns for our investors.
  • We aim to provide a lot more than capital and we take a holistic approach and focus on all kind of resources that companies need in order to succeed, such as funding to grow, enhanced management teams with highly talented people, disciplined processes and a well-defined strategic plan.
  • We aim to build mutually beneficial lasting relationships, invest responsibly and strive for transparency at every stage so as to develop our investee companies into well-reputed domestic and international enterprises.

Mission and Principles

Our mission is to provide capital, skill and knowledge to growing Greek Lower-Mid market companies to unlock their full potential and achieve sustainable growth and long term value, while adhering to the highest professional standards and business ethics

Core principles that define our culture and the way we conduct business:

  • Bridge the long term financing gaps
    We are very familiar with limitations and barriers in capital markets and are capable to provide attractive long-term growth capital financing solutions
  • Empower and assist the entrepreneur
    We strongly support entrepreneurs with capital, skills and expertise on an on-going basis so that they achieve their strategic goals. Our entrepreneurial approach enables us to understand entrepreneurs’ needs and foster them
  • Build lasting relationships and align Interests
    We believe in the value of mutually beneficial relationships with our investors, the stakeholders of investee companies and the management teams. We build long-term partnerships by aligning our interests and providing active and ongoing engagement at all stages
  • Operate at the highest business and personal integrity levels
    Honesty, integrity and trust are cornerstones in our business and personal conduct


There are several factors that differentiate us from other investors:

  • Commitment to and in-depth knowledge of the Lower-Mid market, as well as insight into the challenges that entrepreneurs face daily;
  • Entrepreneurs and management teams are our exclusive and only focus; People are SouthBridge’s real business and we are committed to investing in entrepreneurs;
  • Maximum flexibility through the use of hybrid financing structures that can be tailored to accommodate specific company needs;
  • Swift execution and cost-controlled process focusing on key risk areas with the aim of devising a solid and resilient strategic growth plan;
  • Innovative deal structuring and mutually satisfactory risk-return allocation, minimize potential conflicts and allow entrepreneurs to focus on growth;
  • Active investing is an opportunity for investee companies to access more than funding; SouthBridge provides real value to its investments, through strategic input and active management support.

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